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No Fear

If you are not afraid of the voices inside of you,

you will not fear the critics outside of you.

– Natalie Goldberg, Author


is on the other side

of fear.

– Unknown



Si usted no tiene miedo de las voces dentro de usted,

usted no temerá a los críticos fuera de usted.

– Natalie Goldberg, Autor

TODO usted quiere

está al otro lado

de miedo.

– Desconocido

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Melancholy Monday

Thanks to a friend who volunteered unsolicited to go with me me to pick up my new glasses, prescriptions, and groceries, I got out of the house Saturday.  I did not feel motivated or interested in going on the bus by my myself.  I was concerned I might not make it safely.

I love my new glasses.  My travel partner thought they were rimless.  The frame color blends so well with my face and hair.  Unfortunately the excitement is gone already.  What still stands out that I can read clearly right away, without having to twist my head around so I can read with my progressive lenses.

I picked up my prescriptions and did some grocery shopping.  By the time I was done I was brain dead and starting to trip as I walked with a cart.  We finally got to the city the train and I wheeled both of our groceries.  I dropped her off and then pushed my cart back up the hill.  I was so weary and frustrated.  I just didn’t know what to do in order to stay motivated, progressing, or at least smiling.

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Fidiling Friday

No class today. I need to read 100 pages and do a critical analysis.  Still pretty fatigued.  I moved some shelves around the apartment.  Feels closer to “home”  I took some stuff down to the freebie bin in the basement.  I took my meds and vitamins.  I had a breakfast shake.  I’ve been feeling quite warm.  The building has a boiler.  I have the heat down to nothing in my apartment, but with all the floor below me there is a lot of heat rising.  I have at least half the windows open.

I called the optician and my glasses are ready.  It only took 3 month, 5 opticians and enough red tape to circle a city block.  I am not sure if I feel “balanced” enough to ride the bus down to get them and come back.  It is only about 2 1/2 miles each way with no transfers, but I nervous and scared.  I’ll check tomorrow.

Any one have any suggestions?

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Weary Wednesday

I am finally getting out of bed.  I have been up and down throughout the morning.  I missed my morning class.  I just sat down and read 3 poems for my afternoon class.  The are linked to Feminism the writer of all three uses sex in all of them. I read each one twice.  I focused hard the second time because of my ADD.  I did not get much from them.  I made brief notes as to what I could glean from the poems.  They do no inspire me to go to class.  I enjoy the overall topic of the course is very interesting.The professor has expressed the most about my well being.

I am fighting in my head about attending.  I have an appointment with him on Friday.  I am on the verge of tears struggling.  I feel just enough energy to go to class, but I do not want what I feel will be an expression of negativity in my life while I am so fragile.  I will email him my notes to show that I read and we can discuss the consequences on Friday.  It don’t give me much better feeling, but my anxiety is lower.


Tired Tuesday

I have been lethargic all day.  When I got up at 7am I just knew that I did not feel like going to class even though it class did not start until 12:25pm.  I took my antidepressants, anxiety pills, and ADD pill.  I reheated leftovers from dinner last night.  I took some omega-3 supplements.  I have been working on and off with a nutrition and fitness professional.  The medications give me dry mouth.  I feel a little sleepy.  I sat down in my recliner. I ate my leftovers and watched some television.  I feel asleep with the t.v. on.

The first thought that comes to me is that I need someone to check on me.  I don’t “think” I am that bad off, but I am not doing all the basic normally things I should do.  Dishes, hygiene, straightening up, studying. going to class.  I don’t know who to ask,  My parents are divorced and live over 600 miles away.  My “friends” are people I usually have to call and check on them, or email to find out how they are doing.  I am working with Vocational Rehabilitation and applying for SSDI.  There is is no connection to caseworker.  Any ideas?

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Welcome~ Bienvenidos ~ Come and Relax

Welcome to: I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

If you are like me you tired of the ups and downs of life that you have no control of.  Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, ADD, and Fatigue.  There are many other ailments and challenges out there,  It is my goal through this blog to share my experiences and give others an outlet to share their ideas, personal cures, or exchange support with one another.

Bienvenido a: estoy enfermo y cansado de estar enfermo y cansado.Si eres como yo está cansado de los altibajos de la vida que ustedes no tienen control de. Depresión, ansiedad, ataques de pánico, agregar y fatiga. Hay muchas otras dolencias y problemas que hay, es mi objetivo a través de este blog para compartir mis experiencias y dar una salida al compartir sus ideas, curas personales o intercambiar apoyo uno con el otro.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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